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November 7 - 11, 2022

Theme: Community Helpers
Healthcare Professionals 

Morning Messages
Spiritual Development
Solomon Builds the Temple
Building Up The Temple
Activity: Listen to the story "Solomon Builds the Temple" and discuss details about the story. Sing and do the actions to the song “Building Up The Temple”. Then build a temple using blocks, cups, etc.
Social And Emotional Development
Healthcare Professionals
After watching the video, discuss the role of doctors and nurses.

Then CLICK HERE to complete an interactive worksheet.
If I Were a Healthcare Professional 
After watching the video, identify the healthcare professionals. Then state which healthcare professional you would be and why.
My Feelings: A Visit To The Doctor
Listen to the story then discuss the events of the story. Finally, answer the following questions: 

1. Do you remember a time when you visited the doctor?

2. How did you feel? Why?

3. Were you afraid of getting a needle like Penelope? Why or why not?

Then, draw a picture of your face showing how you feel about visiting the doctor.
Language Development
Letter Aa
After watching the video, discuss how upper and lower case "Aa" look. Then, find something in your environment that begins with the letter Aa.
Story: I Want To Be A Doctor
After watching the video, discuss the story. Then answer the following questions:

1. Which place in the community did Jack and his family go?

2. Why did they go to the hospital?

3. Which healthcare professional helped Jack?

4. How did the doctors help Jack?
Nursery Rhyme: Doctor Foster
Sing along with the nursery rhyme.
Cognitive Development - Math
Inside & Outside
After watching the video,  CLICK HERE  to complete an interactive worksheet.
Colour: Orange
After watching the video, CLICK HERE  to complete an interactive worksheet. 

Find a healthy food item  that is the colour orange.
Shape: Rectangle
After watching the video, create a rectangle in the air. Then search for items in your environment that are the shape of a rectangle.
Cognitive Development - Science
The Dentist
After watching the dentist visit video, sing along with the "brushing your teeth" song. Then practice brushing your teeth.
STEM: Tooth Decay
Predict what would happen if you stopped brushing their teeth.

Then watch the video and discuss what happened in the video. Were the predictions you made correct?

Finally, conduct the experiment and tell two (2) things that happened.
Physical And Creative Development
Physical- Fine Motor: Letter Aa
After watching the video, finger write upper and lower case Aa in the air. Then use clay to form the letters.
Creative: Dr. Knickerbocker
Perform rhythmic patterns using different body parts as seen in the video by Doctor Knickerbocker. Tell what body parts were used to keep the rhythm.
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