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Theme: Weather & Seasons
Week 1

Morning Messages
Happy New Year Message
Weather Mid- Week Message
Spiritual Development
Noah and The Ark
Noah's Arky Arky Song
Listen to the Bible Story "Noah's Ark" then sing along with the "Noah's Arky Arky" song. Finally, discuss some of the characteristics of God.
Social And Emotional Development
Weather and Seasons
My Favourite Type of Weather
After watching the video, state your favourite type of weather and why.
A Meteorologist
CLICK HERE to view a digital chart.

After watching the video and viewing the chart, draw a picture of something that a meteorologist does.
Language Development
Letter Dd
Identification & Formation

After watching the video, form upper and lowercase Dd using items (yarn, clay, shoe laces).


Say the letter /d/ sound. Then draw two (2) things that begin with the letter Dd.
Little Cloud Story
After watching the story,  name two things that the little cloud turned into.

Then, draw and colour a picture of each item and trace its name.
Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr Golden Sun Rhyme
Sing along with the rhyme then state things that you like to do when the sun is out.
Cognitive Development - Math
Follow the instructions of the video. Then practice moving around items in your environment.

1. Walk around a chair.
2. Hop around a table.
3. Run around a friend.
Full And Empty
After watching the video, CLICK HERE to complete an interactive worksheet.

Then find something at home that is full of something and empty.

Numeral 1
After watching the video, CLICK HERE to practice tracing numeral 1.
Then CLICK HERE to complete an interactive worksheet.
Cognitive Development - Science
Weather In The Jar Science Experiment
After watching the video, conduct the weather in a jar experiment to create different weather conditions.
Weather Watcher
Create a Weather Journal.  
After watching the video, look outside the window. Then draw a picture of what the weather is like in your weather journal. Repeat this activity every day this week.
Physical And Creative Development
Physical- Gross Motor: Let's Dance Weather
Move along with the weather song.
Creative: Rainbow Craft
Learn more about rainbows.
Then, with the help of an adult, create a rainbow.
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